Within a network of experts from business, law and academia we systematically develop the concept of trusteed corporations. We accompany trusteed corporations and people who are willing to constitute their company as a trusteed corporation.

The thematic fields that emerged from our practical experiences and theoretical perspectives are: company, leadership, law and society. These fields are not understood as separate subjects but rather as closely related focal points. For each of those there are different, situation-based formats that lend themselves to gain further understanding and solve specific problems. The spectrum of our work includes conferences, lectures and discussions, seminars, workshops, scientific research projects, publications and consulting.


  • Entrepreneurial sustainability through fiduciary company organization, 2014
  • Telling the trust – The importance of stories and history for leadership and continuity in trusteed corporations, 2015
  • Trusteed entrepreneurship and legal design, 2017


  • Dimensions of trusteed entrepreneurship, 2014
  • Trust law as company law – fundamental aspects, 2015
  • Ownership of corporations as capital responsibility, 2015
  • Trusteed ownership of corporations -  The sustainment of corporational autonomy as supreme value for the individual, family and society, 2016
  • Trust law as company law - fundamental aspects II, 2016
  • Property entails responsibility, 2016
  • Future in trust – Sustainability through constituting a company as a trusteed corporation, 2017

Research Projects



  • Alternative forms of ownership: Foundation-owned and trusteed corporations, study in cooperation with denkleister, a student-run consultancy at Witten/Herdecke university, 2011.

Work in progress

  • The concept of trusteed corporations as part of internal communications,  in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Werner Vogd, Witten/Herdecke University
  • Foundations of a narratological typology of corporations,
    in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Birger P. Priddat, Witten/Herdecke University
  • The concept of trusteed corporations from a legal point of view,  in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Stefan Geibel, Heidelberg University


  • Psychological foundations of leadership in trusteed corporations.


  • Consulting a company on the integration of the concept of trusteed corporations in the foundations future charter
  • Consulting a company on the transformation to a fiduciary company constitution, focusing on internal and external communications



  • Telling the trust – On the role of narratives in leadership and continuity of trusteed corporations, documentation oft he 2015 conference
    (available in German on request)
  • Entrepreneurial sustainability through fiduciary company organization,  documentation of the 2014 conference,
    (available in German on request)
  • Why trustees? Definition, function and theory of trusteed entrepreneurship, , Author: Stefan Appelhans, 2015
    (available in German on request)
  • Reconstructing the concept of the foundation: The entrepreneurial momentum of giving, , Author: Gregor Ernst, 2011
    (available in German on request)