Barthels-Feldhoff, Wuppertal

Part of SOTRUST since 2011


Christoph Rickerl

Personally liable partner and managing director of Colsman KG with the company Barthels - Feldhoff (Wuppertal), Seco (Strykow) and Bafesto (Strykow)


Neuguss, Berlin

Part of SOTRUST since 2011


Andrea Valdinoci

Managing director of Neuguss Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH with the companies Alfred Rexroth (Berlin), Alfred-Rexroth engineering (Rhinow) Stockmar (Kaltenkirchen), Mercurius (Eindhoven), Oloid (Basel)


Sorpetaler Fensterbau, Sundern

Part of SOTRUST since 2011


Eduard Appelhans

Managing Director


WALA, Bad Boll

Part of SOTRUST since 2016


Dr. Johannes Stellmann (left)


Dr. Philip Lettmann (right)

Member of the Executive Board